Playing it Safe while planning your Senior Week in Ocean City, MD

This is the time of the year when we are flooded by numerous phone calls and emails by anxious soon-to-be graduates and their apprehensive parents looking for advice, reassurance of legitimacy of the rental units, safe accommodations, and the best deals available.  Many seniors and parents have heard the stories of past graduates about the landlords that collect their monies and then look for any minuscule reason to evict them soon after the arrival or even private owners who collect the money, and then are nowhere to be found on the day of the check in. So to make sure your Senior Week Trip goes smooth, here’ s how to Play it safe while planning your trip to Ocean City, MD.

  1. Choose a legitimate Rental company or Hotel/Motel
  2. Make sure they rent to graduates to avoid the refusal of the rental or eviction upon arrival because “they don’t rent to groups”
  3. View the photos of the place that you’re interested in or better yet – come and see it in person – anyone can post pictures of a place online and pretend it exists in Ocean City, MD
  4. Read the Rental Policies before you put any money down; this will ensure you know what will be expected of you and what you should expect in return
  5. Make sure you’re clear on when the payments are due and follow the payment plan so your reservation is not cancelled for non payment
  6. Collect the down payment from all your friends and reserve the Beach House!

Beach Getaways Management rents to High School Seniors  for over 14 years now, making sure every sensible senior week-er has a safe and pleasant time in Ocean City, so they can cherish the memories of this week for the rest of their lifetime. In fact, many of our seniors have returned for another week of “sun and sand” even when they’re in college, and now many younger brothers and sisters are coming to experience what their older brothers and sisters where raving about. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about Senior Week Rentals 

You may also find a lot of useful information about Senior Week in Ocean City on Play it Safe official website The mission of PLAY IT SAFE is to encourage high school graduates to make informed, healthy choices while having responsible fun without the use of alcohol and other drugs.

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